Pengerusi SPR akan menghadap Agong dulu memaklumkan keputusan PRU.

Lepas tu ketua parti yang menang majoriti PKR akan menghadap Agong.

Wan Azizah yg akan menghadap pasal dia ketua umum PKR.

Dia kena sahkan semua ahli Dewan RAkyat yg menang guna lambang PKR setuju Tun di lantik jadi PM.

Baru Agong terima Tun menghadap utk angkat sumpah sbg PM.

The process may take some time.

Main Election Results
PKR.           104
BN.               79
DAP.               9
PAS.              17

In such a situation there isn't a single party with either a clear majority or a simple majority of at least 112 seats.
This is called a " Hung Parliament"
Note: PH is not registered in this GE14 .

Hence, by the constitution, the leader of the party with the most seats won will be invited by the Yang diPertuan Agung to be appointed PM to them form the government and forge a workable solution with the other parties, if necessary.

By virtue of that, only Dr Wan Azizah, leader of PKR, can and will meet with the King to form the government.
If she chooses to abdicate that responsibility and appoint Mahathir with the consensus of the other parties that they choose to work with and who choose to work with them, including the 9 MPs from DAP and others, then and only then will Mahathir be sworn in as PM.

Unlike what Mahathir claimed at the early morning press conference that Wan Azizah is the DPM-designate but she can only become DPM if she is appointed by the PM after the PM is sworn in is not accurate. He did not make the claim that he will be PM, however.

This is a fact. Wan Azizah can by constitution meet with the Agung and accept appoinment as PM to form the government with or without Mahathir's agreement but not the other way round ie. Mahathir cannot be PM without Wan Azizah's agreement.

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