KUALA LUMPUR: New politics must embrace the spirit of the country’s constitution to build a progressive, prosperous and united nation, said Communications and Multimedia Minister Salleh Said Keruak.

In a world of globalisation, Salleh said the people should accept new politics to enable the nation to compete in the changed world.

“Rejecting new politics is a step backwards, but in accepting the emergence of new politics, the foundation of the constitution should not be abandoned,” he said in a posting on his blog today.

He pointed out that new politics was separated from racial domains and prioritised universal issues in line with current globalisation.

“New politics is growing rapidly due to the breakthrough in the Internet and it has gained a place in the hearts of young people,” he said, adding that many favoured new politics.

However, for politically literate youths, Salleh said they raised a question: “Where is the spirit of statehood in new politics?”.

“They say, in emphasising on globalisation and universal issues, what about the foundations of the nation’s formation?

“What is the use of new politics if the founding principles of this country are being marginalised?” said Salleh, who found that the question raised was relevant.-FMT NEWS-

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