PETALING JAYA: Hindraf chairman P Waythamoorthy has accused the government of resorting to a gimmick to win Indian votes in claiming that it is sincerely trying to help the community.

He told FMT he didn’t believe Putrajaya had ever seriously considered the problems of the Indians and its duty to come up with solutions to improve their lot.

He alleged that Putrajaya brushed aside the proposals he made during his short stint as a deputy minister.

He was reacting to Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s recent statement that the government was seriously listening to the Indian community and looking for ways to improve their lives.

Waytha said Zahid had “conveniently forgotten” the “practical and comprehensive solutions” he came up with when he served in the Prime Minister’s Department.

He cited what he said was the government’s lack of determination to resolve the issue of stateless Malaysian Indians.

“My solutions are doable as they are a realistic approach towards addressing the issue of the estimated 300,000 stateless Malaysian Indians,” he said.

“Hence the claim of wanting to listen to the problems of the Indians and to transform their lives is purely a political gimmick to win Indian votes in the upcoming general election.”

Waytha, who was appointed a senator after the 13th general election, resigned in February 2014. He cited the BN government’s failure to protect the interests of the Indian community as the reason.

Prior to the 13th general election, he and Prime Minister Najib Razak signed a memorandum of understanding when the government promised to uplift the Indian community.-fmt news-

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