By TK Chua
As a citizen, I take it as my duty;
To highlight events that seem crabby;
If you disagree, please don’t laugh at my naivety;

For I am only a novice in international politics.
China’s intrusion into the South China Sea;
Its massive investments in Malaysia are clear for all to see;
From railroads, seaports, gateways and forest cities;
It seems like China is helping Malaysia for the next century.
Never mind about DoJ, 1MDB and their controversies;
Malaysia is off to the US to do the courtship;
Buying planes and financing US infrastructure;
Malaysia is like a frantic suitor.
What baloney;
It seems like the US is being rewarded for conceding the South China Sea;
There must be reasons why Malaysia is ever ready to appease;
A superpower that has lost its lustre and can hardly keep the peace.
We were told loans and investments from China are essential;
It is for Malaysia a game changer;
But we are now pouring billions into US infrastructure;
China financing Malaysia and Malaysia financing US infrastructure?
Boeing and GE are now MAS’ darlings;
Buy, buy, buy, and more buying;
Never mind MAS is still groping and stabilising;
Never mind we need reciprocity in trade dealings.
It seems Malaysia is now at the world stage;
From China, the US, North Korea to Daesh, IS, Al-Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf we play;
Into their hands or into our plans we play?
I think ultimately we Malaysians must have a say.
TK Chua is an FMT reader.
The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

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