By TK Chua
Dr Michael Jeyakumar, I think you should seriously save us trouble. Disband your party and join either PKR or DAP to further your ideals from there. We do not need another fissure within the opposition bloc.
It is good to have parties like PSM and personalities like Jeyakumar. But I don’t think much can be achieved by the party and Jeyakumar if they stand alone.
PSM and Jeyakumar can achieve much more if they embrace either PKR or DAP. There are enough similarities in policy and ideals in those two parties to further the cause of PSM.
Politics is about power and policies. What can Jeyakumar and PSM achieve by providing “periphery” services to the people in Sungai Siput? I think nothing will change even if they continue doing the same thing for the next 30 years.
I understand Jeyakumar is a compassionate politician. But it is the job of politicians to focus on the big picture if they want fundamental change.
It is good to help a poor student or a sick patient, but it is better that the system we fight for is able to provide these services for all. It is good that we have gotong-royong to clear a clogged drain, but it is better that the local authorities are able to do it routinely.
Sometimes “popular personalities” may lead to a false sense of belief and confidence. The Seenivasagam brothers from Perak were also very popular in the early years of our independence. But what is the point if people with good intentions are divided?
We each think we are bigger than others and we each fight for our own ideals. In the end, nothing is achieved. I urge Jeyakumar not to repeat the Seenivasagam saga.
I don’t think it is viable for PSM to stand as an independent party. It will only create more confusion and dissension among the people. I am sure PKR or DAP can find the space within the party to accommodate PSM’s ideals and policies.
TK Chua is an FMT reader.
The views expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.

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