MACHANG, Aug 12 — The ability of Umno and Barisan Nasional to succeed is based on a sincerity to fight for the people and unwavering loyalty to the party leadership, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today.
National newswire agency Bernama quoted the Umno president as saying that a struggle based on revenge, disappointment and material values is one which is headed for failure.
“If the struggle is based on the spirit of righteousness, to do what is best, then God willing, will be thanks to our struggle,” he told reporters after the people’s meeting with the Prime Minister and the launch of the People’s Housing Project (PPR) Machang parliamentary constituency at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bandar Machang, here, today.
Najib, who is also Umno president, said he hoped that there would be an electoral change for voters in Kelantan as support for Umno and BN in the state have improved.
Meanwhile, Najib said 418 units of PPR houses being built at a cost of RM75 million in Kampung Batu 25 here, are expected to be completed by early 2019. He said the PPR, one among eight projects being completed and already completed in Kelantan, was part of his promise to the people of Machang a few years ago.
He said each unit of the PPR house was sold at RM35,000 per unit, with subsidies ranging from RM80,000 to RM120,000 and above, borne by the government based on the cost of construction and land prices for a PPR.
“The federal government is doing the best for all the people of Kelantan. As prime minister I have never used the policy of punishing the people of Kelantan. If measured in terms of allocation I have given more than the previous leader.
“Under the Eighth Malaysia Plan, the amount allocated to Kelantan was only RM3.7 billion, while in the 11th Malaysia Plan the allocation amounted to RM12.87 billion, almost four times,” he said.
Among the developments implemented by the federal government in Kelantan are the Kota Bharu–Kuala Krai Expressway, housing projects, hospital, new bridges as well as building and repairing mosques.
At the event, Najib also launched the Machang Umno division delegates conference

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