PETALING JAYA: Malindo Air has denied claims by Parti Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) that it sacked 30 of their staff after they underwent three weeks’ training.
PSM said it was informed by the National Union of Flight Attendants that 30 employees were sacked after their training sessions.
However, a spokesperson for Malindo Air’s public relations and communications unit told FMT, “This is not true.”
Asked about another PSM claim that 17 other Malindo Air staff were also sacked after undergoing training, she said she would have to reserve her comments.
“We did the needful based on the employment contract,” she said.
Earlier, PSM secretary-general A Sivarajan, in a statement, said the party condemned the sacking of the Malindo staff several weeks after employing them.
He said the party was made to understand that besides the 30, 17 others were earlier terminated within 24 hours after attending training.
“Surely the employees were offered the job after going through comprehensive interview sessions.
“Why did the Malindo management suddenly find them to be unsuitable for the job?”
Sivarajan noted that some of those affected would have left their previous jobs when Malindo offered them employment only to find themselves sacked three weeks later.
He said the management had to follow procedures prior to terminating employees, and it was immaterial if the employee was undergoing training or under probation.
“The dismissal of an employee must be done with just cause and excuse. Malindo’s action seems arbitrary and indicates an unfair labour practice.”
The party has urged the human resources ministry to investigate such practices to protect the rights of employees.

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