PETALING JAYA: A woman whose sister and nephew have been barred from leaving China today expressed relief following a 30-minute meeting with Foreign Minister Anifah Aman.
This was after Myra Cheng had written a letter to China’s ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang, pleading for help to bring her younger sister Cheng Chuang Chau Yang and her sister’s eight-year-old son back to the country.
In the letter, which was carried by FMT, Cheng revealed that her sister and nephew, both Malaysians, had been barred from exiting China for the past two years.
She said based on what her sister had been told by the judge of the Shanghai Changning Enforcement Court, her sister’s former husband could continue to renew the bans for as long as he wished until the child turns 18 as he had weekly visitation rights.
Speaking to FMT, Cheng said Anifah had reached out to her on the same day her letter was published.
“We are very thankful to FMT also because the very same day you posted our letter, Anifah reached out to our Facebook and he got us to call him.”
She said she left the meeting feeling hopeful and thankful to Anifah and Wisma Putra.
“He got us to explain what happened, and he said he would look into the matter and help us within his means.
“I’d say it was a fruitful meeting because at least he knows the case a little more, and he says he is going to help.
“He did mention also that he has to respect China’s judiciary system.”
In Cheng’s letter, she noted that the exit bans were against existing Chinese legal practice as there had been no written grounds, no warning and no notification.
She told FMT that she believed as long as the Chinese central government was being made aware of what was happening, the issue would be resolved.
“We are very hopeful that something good will come out of this meeting. If the Chinese central government gets to know about it, they will do the right thing.”

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