Awesome. Yes it is a sight to behold as you stand, drowned in the passionate and swelling crowd of Bersih 5 supporters, movers and shakers.
And if you are not overwhelmed you must be deaf and blind right through to your soul. You are, plainly put, a castrated part of civilisation.
Indeed, despite all his artilleries of intimidation, fear creation, and even desperate measures that saw today a clampdown of the city centre with over 50 road closures that left public transport operators paralysed, tens of thousands of citizens still found their way to Kuala Lumpur.
The Bersih 5 peaceful marches comprising of all races and religions, young and old, have sent the loudest message ever. Even without political party leaders at the helm, ordinary citizens by the thousands marched orderly, peacefully and in that typical signature mood of Malaysians. Their considerate, kind and smilling jovial spirit sealed their unity in demanding for a better, cleaner future.

Najib Abdul Razak and his oarsmen need to be told about the ground sentiment - even cops deployed by the hundreds if not thousands, could not resist smiling and waving at the sea of yellow-Ts.
If Najib is innocent and free from guilt of corrupt dealings, if he is free from the sins of commission and ommission against the citizens of this country, he must listen and respond now.
And the Council of Rulers must not be ill-advised either.
A leader who is sure of his untainted leadership and popularity will step aside, let the due process of unbridled law take its due course. And once cleared beyond reasonable doubt, the citizens will back him to go after the real culprits.
Otherwise, as the sea of Bersih 5 chanted, “Tangkap MO1" must take effect to save this nation.
Here is the ultimate message eminating from today’s mid day crowd: “If you love our nation, step down.”

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