LONDON: While tens of thousands of Bersih 5 participants took peacefully to the streets of Kuala Lumpur to demand for free and fair elections, as well as the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Razak, across the globe in London, a modest group gathered in front of the Malaysian High Commission to demand the same.
Consisting of both Malaysian and non-Malaysians, rally organisers said they expected 1,000 to show up at Belgrave Square here, to pledge their solidarity with other Bersih 5 participants in Malaysia and to demand for the release of those arrested in the run-up to the rally.
Many were dressed in yellow Bersih 5 T-shirts and a creative few did otherwise.
One participant, who has lived 10 years in London, came dressed as a secondary school student in a baju kurung, and wore a name tag that said Ku Tak Puas (I am dissatisfied).
“I’m dressed as a student because I want to represent the students in Malaysia,” she said. She also carried a placard, demanding the PM “Stop threatening students” in Malaysia.
Organisers initially planned to march from the High Commission to Trafalgar Square, passing through Downing Street but changed routes due to a student protest taking place at the same time.
“We wanted to stop by Downing Street to pass a petition to British Prime Minister Theresa May.
“We want the UK government to make a representation to the Malaysian government and to stop the ongoing political persecution in Malaysia.”
Sarawak Report founder Clare Rewcastle-Brown was also present.

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