Bersih 5: Red Shirts harassing people, women being targeted

KUALA LUMPUR: A large group of what seemed to be the Red Shirts group had gathered at the Masjid Jamek LRT station by 8am Saturday, harassing all and sundry.

Several reporters and Bersih supporters who were trying to buy breakfast at the stalls nearby were harassed if they got too close to the group. Many decided to buy their food elsewhere.

Women were singled out. Even those dressed for work were whistled at and given catcalls.

The Red Shirts had earlier said they were there to protest Bersih, which is rallying for free and fair elections.

The group’s leader, Datuk Seri Jamal Yunos, was arrested earlier Saturday for a fracas at Ampang Point in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 13. 

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