Lawyer and activist Siti Kasim has been summoned by the police for showing the middle-finger to hecklers at a forum on PAS' Syariah Bill last month.

"So, (these people) got butthurt with my middle finger salute to them during the RUU 355 forum. They apparently lodged a police report against me," she wrote on Facebook, Monday.

Siti said she will have her statement recorded at 8pm at the Shah Alam police district headquarters.

"Do I regret doing it? Well, in the circumstances, I have no other way to convey my disgust to them in interrupting and heckling me.

"Yes, I will do it to whoever that deserve the one finger salute.

"Time for all of us not to submit to anyone who think they have the God given right to tell us how to lead our lives.

"Uphold our Constitution. Don't let these Islamofascists dictate us," she wrote.

Siti showed the middle finger to hecklers who harassed her for openly opposing the move by PAS at a forum on Sept 5 entitled "Pindaan Akta 355: Antara Realiti Dan Persepsi" (Bill 355 Amendment: Between Reality and Perception).

Source -The Star Online-

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