The pro-Umno Red Shirts movement has accused the police of giving preferential treatment to the opposition-supported Bersih group, while Red Shirts supporters were treated like dogs.

The leader of the Red Shirts movement, Jamal Md Yunos, said police had treated his supporters like “anjing kurap” and Bersih supporters like “anak emas”, according to a statement.

Red Shirts supporters have been reported to have clashed with Bersih supporters taking part in a series of road convoys around towns around the country.

The convoys are to publicise a rally planned to be held on Nov 19 in Kuala Lumpur by the electoral reform group to press for the resignation of prime minister Najib Razak and for institutional reforms.

Jamal was reported to have accused police of obstructing Red Shirts supporters at each location in their rival convoy and having arrested three supporters.

“The Bersih 5 group was not only well taken care of, but the police even accompanied the Bersih 5 convoy to a degree even greater than the Malaysian prime minister’s escort,” Jamal was quoted as saying.

“Merah V2 was stopped at almost every location and the police had ordered us to stop our convoy immediately. In fact, three Merah V2 supporters were arrested. Our treatment was completely different from Bersih 5,” said Jamal, who is also head of Sg Besar Umno division.

Yesterday, Red Shirts supporters were reported to have thrown eggs at Bersih supporters and kicked two men wearing Bersih t-shirts during Bersih’s appearance in Sabak Bernam, Selangor.

Source -FMT-

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