The Red Shirts have submitted a notice to the police to hold a counter-demonstration against Bersih 5 at Dataran Merdeka on Nov 19.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said organisers of the counter-demonstration notified police Tuesday of the planned gathering as confirmed by city police chief Comm Amar Singh Ishar Singh.

Khalid said police would be calling in the organisers to discuss their intention of holding the demonstration and determine whether the gathering was within the law.

“There’s a process they must follow. They need to get permission from the owner of the venue and obey the law. But at least the Red Shirts give notice.

“The ‘other’ group, however, doesn’t give us notice. We ask them to notify us before each gathering. But they hold their gatherings anytime they feel like it. We say the same thing everyday, yet they don’t listen.

“I’m sick of saying the same things everyday. I’m sure it’s in your recordings, too.

"If you want to organise a gathering, go ahead but make sure it is within the provisions of the Peaceful Assembly Act,” he told reporters at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters here on Thursday.

Khalid also rubbished allegations of police inaction in the face of disturbances during various gatherings held by Bersih supporters and the Red Shirts group.

“People like to accuse us of not taking action. That’s normal. I think if police don’t do anything, the situation would have gotten out of control.

“This is why we need to be notified about the time and location of any planned demonstration. At least we can prepare enough manpower for the event.

"If they suddenly appear, say, in Chow Kit, how can we prepare our officers?

“Then they blame us, saying that police did nothing to protect them. Both sides always do that,” he said.

Source -The Star Online-

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