Police will no longer tolerate actions by individuals and parties who try to take the force ‘for a ride’ by lodging reports to serve their personal and political agendas. 

Those who are suspected of doing so will be investigated under the Penal Code for lodging false reports. 

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said the federal police have noticed that the trend has been growing of late. 

"We are aware of this trend. Of late, some parties and individuals had been active in lodging police reports with political agendas and personal motives. 

"Anyone found to trying to use the police force for their own interests will be investigated for lodging false reports," he told reporters at the federal police headquarters' Senior Officers Mess, here today. 

Khalid, who was there for a pinning of rank and duty handover ceremony, was responding to a reporter's question on the recent increase of reports lodged by politicians, especially against their rivals and enemies. 

On a police report lodged by Red Shirt group leader Datuk Jamal Yunos against the Bersih 5 group, alleging the latter as having been infiltrated by Islamic State elements, Khalid said police are still investigating the allegation and what Jamal claimed as evidence that he had submitted to police. 

Khalid said police are probing both the Red Shirt and Bersih 5 over the report. 

"Besides that, both groups are also being investigated under the Peaceful Assembly Act for organising convoys and assemblies without following procedures as stipulated under the law. 

"Both of them - the Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts (Bersih 5) - had violated the law. 

"Did any of them give any notice to the police? 

If they are found to have breached the act, police will take action against both parties."

Source -NST Online-

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