A report that Langkawi’s famed eagle statue is haram (forbidden in Islam) and should be demolished has gotten netizens upset.

An article posted by an English news portal on its Facebook page drew over 1,000 comments, with many expressing their disappointment and criticising such a proposal.

The portal had quoted Kedah deputy mufti Sheikh Marwazi Dziyauddin as saying the state would consult the fatwa council if there were calls to demolish the statue at Langkawi’s Eagle Square.

It reported that Marwazi had said this when asked to respond to Perak deputy mufti Zamri Hashim’s comments in a column in a Malay daily. In the column, Zamri had said that the construction of such a statue was haram and it should be demolished.

Netizen Ahmad Hassan wrote: “That is not even a religious statue.”

“It is very difficult and complicated having a radical minds (sic).... Maybe this is a reason why most people want religion to be separated from state.”

Albert Lim said the National Monument in Kuala Lumpur should also be demolished if the same logic was applied.

When contacted, Kedah mufti Datuk Syeikh Muhamad Baderudin Ahmad declined comment, saying a similar issue had cropped up several years ago.

Source -The Star Online-

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