Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak today pledged to continue his efforts with commitment and sincerity in his struggle for the advancement of the religion and country.

Najib said his experience of over 40 years in the world of politics and government had taught him much on administration matters.

However, Najib said that he had also faced various crisis situations, problems and other challenges that were beyond his control.

“Many are of the view that a Prime Minister is all powerful and knowledgeable on all matters in the country.

“The fact is, it is not the case. We must be aware that many things happen that are beyond the control of the Prime Minister. I am only human who has weaknesses and still have a lot to learn,” he said in a audio recording on his experience in politics and government that was uploaded on his blog today.

Najib said that he had also received many criticisms for those who had their own personal agendas and used certain issues to fool the people in trying to gain support.

“... but this is part and parcel of politics. However, I am still committed , and sincere in pursuing the struggle for the advancement of religion and the country.

“I have not other intentions other than these goals in my struggle,” he said.

At the same time, Najib said that he was also thankful that he was joined by a Cabinet whose ministers were able to carry out their duties well, and enable the people to live in harmony.

“My (over) 40 years (in politics and government) has put me in good stead to stand strong to serve the country and face all challenges in my way,” he said.

― Bernama

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