MIC president S Subramaniam has hit out at Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Aziz for his statements lambasting BN components for their dismal performance in the last polls, which he said may have come too close to the mark for some in the Indian party.

"I have met Nazri this morning and expressed my unhappiness over some of those statements. While active positive political dialogue is welcomed, we should avoid ugly situations which could be divisive to the spirit of BN.

"Nazri's statements have hurt the feelings of grassroots MIC leaders."

Subramaniam said that it was unfortunate that disparaging remarks were made over the last few days in the exchange of words between leaders of BN component parties.

"It has been my stand that BN leaders should avoid such situations which will create unnecessary tension amongst BN component parties.

We should uphold the principle of mutual respect for each other," said Subramaniam.

He called upon MIC members to be calm and restrained in this situation, and not jump into the shoot-fest which saw Nazri trading barbs with MCA leader Ti Lian Ker and others over the perceived dismal performance of component parties in general elections.

Subramaniam said that a truce of sorts has been called after the leaders met in the cabinet meeting today.

"We discussed this issue together this morning before the weekly cabinet meeting.

"We all agreed that continuous exchange of statements and counter-statements would not augur well for BN as whole," he said.

He added that all parties have agreed to stop this exchange of words, and continue to work towards strengthening the BN in preparing for the next general election.

Source -MKini-

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