A pro-BN NGO has cited a Jewish link in what it alleged to be a plot to embarrass Rosmah Mansor on an international level with regard to her being struck off the list of recipients for an award.

"Based on our checks, we found that the agency is Jewish-based and (the award) was purportedly (slated to be given to Rosmah) for her achievements in the Permata programme," Perubuhan Minda dan Sosial Prihatin president Ramesh Rao said in a statement today.

Contacted later, Ramesh declined to confirm that he was referring to the Antiquities Coalition, but promised to reveal more details "in future".

In his statement, he said the Malaysian government was able to detect this plot beforehand, and praised the work of Permata in helping Malaysian children.

"This is the vile work of certain quarters who are envious of Malaysia's success under Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and the success of Permata envisioned by Rosmah," Ramesh added.

He also refused to accept the explanation that Rosmah was removed from the list due to questions surrounding the funding of Permata.

He said there definitely is a hidden motive behind the issue.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) said Rosmah and Permata declined the 'Lead by Example' award, which had been deferred to next year to avoid further distraction from the important work for the children of Malaysia.

Initially, the prime minister's wife was supposed to receive the award in New York tomorrow.

On Sept 18, according to the PMO, Malaysia's permanent representative to the United Nations received an email from Prof Tudor Parfit, who chairs the academic advisory board of the organising committee.

"Praffit stated the award would be deferred to 2017 because of what he called 'interventions' from The Wall Street Journal and New York Times regarding the funding of Permata," the email stated.

The PMO said Permata is wholly funded by the government under an allocation, transparently included in the annual budget and approved by Parliament.

The PMO also criticised those who attempted to politicise the work of Permata and expressed regret that those who chose to bestow the award gave in to the smears and insinuations of certain quarters.

Source -MKini-

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