Ridhuan Tee Abdullah’s claim that “ultra kiasu” athletes are driven by money and popularity rather than patriotism to the country is an insult to Malaysian sportsmen, Khairy Jamaluddin says.

“Ultra kiasu” is a derogatory term Tee uses to describe non-Malays, the Opposition and the perceived enemies of Islam.

Admitting that he was disappointed when reading such comments, the youth and sports minister also said that Tee’s stance was both “wrong and irresponsible.”

“I know our athletes. Maybe he has never met them. Regardless of race and religion, they fought for Malaysia.

“Maybe Tee should not comment on sports.”

Khairy, who is also Umno Youth Chief, was speaking to reporters after officiating the Bandar Tun Razak Umno division meeting here.

The Rembau lawmaker was commenting on Tee’s claim which was published in the latter’s column on Monday in Sinar Harian.

In his weekly column, Tee claimed that the “ultra kiasu” were more involved in individual sports, rather than those that required teamwork. Football and hockey which required the strength of the “jamaah (congregation)” no longer interested the non-Malays, Tee alleged, reasoning that it was because individual events was where the money was.

Sports, the academician also reasoned had become a business, a platform to seek popularity and money, instead of about patriotism.

Source –FMT-

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