Some 150 Umno members and supporters faced off against police officers outside the DAP national headquarters here today.

The group with placards in hand, had gathered outside the federal opposition party’s office on Jalan Yew this afternoon, seeking to hand over a memorandum of protest against DAP MP Nga Kor Ming whom Umno members alleged to have insulted Muslims recently.

However, police officers, including those from the Light Strike Force anti-riot squad, were on hand and could be seen struggling to hold back the Umno demonstrators amid shouts.

Several Umno Youth executive council members were spotted among the throng, including Ibdillah Ishak.

Nga has been accused of insulting Muslims through alleged Facebook posts comparing the Muslim practise of giving out cash during the Hari Raya celebration in the form of “duit raya” to “dedak”, as well as posting an Aidilfitri message with a picture of the United States flag.

“Dedak” is the euphuism for chicken feed which is used derogatorily to describe corrupt cash handouts.

The Taiping MP has denied uploading a cartoon of children asking for “duit raya” with the words “derma” (donation) and “dedak”, claiming it was the work of cybertroopers.

Protesters at the DAP headquarters tried again unsuccessfully to ram into the police barricade in the standoff which lasted around half an hour.

During the clash, controversial ex-soldier Mohd Ali Baharom, also known as Ali Tinju, was dragged away by the police for attempting to trespass into the DAP premises.

A police officer was also heard telling the group to calm down so that a DAP representative could receive their memorandum.

The memorandum was then handed to a DAP representative by Federal Territories Umno Youth Chief Mohd Razlan Rafii, who warned the DAP not to repeat Nga’s alleged actions.

While the memorandum was being handed, several Umno members, including exco member Armand Azha Abu Hanifah, threw fake money used traditionally at Chinese funerals at the DAP representative.

When asked later why they had thrown the “hell notes”, several Umno members including Armand said it was because they wanted the DAP party “to die”.

“It is along those lines. They want Umno dead, so we also want them dead,” he explained.

At the rally, Razlan also accused Nga of insulting Malays with his Facebook posts and told the rally to protest against the DAP.

“Eh Malays, do you know the DAP Chinese have insulted us. They don’t care about us.

“Why does the DAP Chinese wants to know so much about Islam? They want to disturb Islam for what [sic]?” he questioned at the rally.

Razlan claimed that Nga had repeatedly insulted the Malays with the series of “insensitive” Facebook posts related to Hari Raya.

During the half-hour march from the Cheras Umno division office to the DAP headquarters here, cries of “Hidup Melayu” (Long live the Malays), “Bangkit Melayu” (Rise, Malays), “Jangan Hina Melayu” (Don’t insult the Malays) and “Hancur DAP” (Destroy the DAP) were heard.

The crowd dispersed at around 3.30pm after they handed over the memorandum and demanded that the police take further action on the DAP.

Source –Malay Mail Online-

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