DAP veteran member Hew Kuan Yau has decided to quit the opposition party to avoid being used as fodder by political foes.

Hew, popularly known as “Superman”, said his decision would free DAP from being embroiled in controversies over his remarks.

“For the sake of the big picture for DAP, I have decided to quit the party from today onwards,” he wrote in a Facebook post late last night.

Hew stressed that he has no political ambitions and has repeatedly rejected the notion of contesting in polls despite helping out in election campaigns since 2010.

“My interest is in comics, I only want to operate a professional comics museum,” he said, insisting that he had on several occasions disavowed interest in Penang DAP’s politics and only went to the state this year to manage the Asia Comic Cultural Museum there.

He claimed that his political enemies have, however, sought to pressure DAP to take disciplinary action or sack him, accusing them of twisting his words.

“But my political foes have all this while continuously exaggerated, misrepresented my words and influence, and have presented my personal political views as DAP’s official stand, this has caused a predicament to my party, comrades and supporters,” he said.

Hew also said that he defends both his freedom of speech and DAP’s interests in elections, but would not resort to issuing denials or claims that his controversial remarks are false or that he has been hacked.

“To end these predicaments once and for all, I believe quitting the party is the best choice,” he said.

He also said that no one within DAP had pressured him to quit the party and that it was his personal choice to do so.

Hew said that his decision was necessitated by how his enemies had been “emphasising and distorting” his words and thoughts.

“They were confusing people by equating my personal speech to DAP’s stand. This had brought trouble to my party, my fellow DAP colleagues and my supporters,” he wrote.

His enemies, Hew said, kept urging the DAP disciplinary unit to take action and sack him.

“They put pressure on different parts of DAP to ban me from giving speeches. They wanted to isolate me.

“This move had brought trouble to Lim Kit Siang and all the leaders in DAP who don’t understand the style of my public speaking.

“I’m aware of all these.”

“From GE13 until the by-election in Teluk Intan, I had refused to become a candidate in any elections.

“I had chosen instead to speak at ceramahs to contribute to the party and its goal of Ubah (change in government).

“I found that instead of actually running for posts, this was the right way for me to contribute to the process of democracy in Malaysia.

“To solve these problems for good, quitting the party seems to be the best thing to do.”

Hew was embroiled in a social media controversy after he posted on Facebook that the South China Sea belonged to China.

This resulted in a flurry of reactions from netizens, with some hitting out at him for not respecting Malaysia’s sovereignty.

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