Thirteen Selangor PAS Adun has openly declared support for deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man's ceasefire call to the opposition.

This is despite party secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan claiming it was merely Tuan Ibrahim's personal idea rather than the party's stand.

Sijangkang PAS assemblyperson Ahmad Yunus Hairi and Meru assemblyperson Abdul Rani Osman have confirmed the authenticity of an open statement of support uploaded on the internet.

Yunus, who is also Selangor executive council member, said the statement was true but elaborate that it did not mean the state representatives were against party president Abdul Hadi Awang.

The PAS president has said that the Islamic party cannot walk hand in hand with "clear enemies or duplicitous friends".

The Selangor Adun and MPs in their joint statement dated July 15 uploaded yesterday, said after a thorough discussion, they support openly the view of Tuan Ibrahim and party vice-president Iskandar Abd Samad on a truce among the opposition parties.

'Defend 2008 win'

The representatives also made the following stand:

*Opposition parties should stop attacking one another; and focus their attacks on Selangor Umno-BN;

*To find a way to defend the federal opposition's victory in Selangor in 2008 under the name of 'Pakatan Pembangkang' (opposition coalition);

*Focus on the welfare of the people and development in Selangor;

*Identify the best solution to arrive at one-to-one fights in the next general election; and

*Find a common ground based on the demographics in Selangor and respect the differences of the principles of each parties.

The group said they will send a letter jointly signed by all the state assemblypersons and MPs to the central leadership.

PAS has 13 state assemblypersons and one MP in Selangor. The only state assemblyperson whose signature did not appear on the statement is Iskandar, who had come up with the ceasefire proposal with Tuan Ibrahim.

Source -MKini-

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