A man was killed when two gunmen opened fire on his car near Setapak Central this evening. 

The man, in his 30’s, was driving his Honda Accord and had stopped at a traffic light junction. 

Four men on two motorcycles then pulled up behind the car. Two men alighted from the motorcycles. 

One of the men went to the driver’s side window and fired off several shots while the other gunman opened fire towards the front passenger side. 

It is understood that no less than 12 shots were fired towards the vehicle. The two gunmen then fled on the waiting motorcycles. 

A CCTV video of the brutal incident has been circulating online via social media pages. At press time, police’s forensic team are still at the scene combing for evidence. 

The victim’s family members were spotted at the scene. However, they were too distraught to speak to the press. 

Police are expected to hold a press conference shortly.

Source –NST Online-

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