A good samaritan: Hairul showing the ringgit and foreign notes he found in the shop at Taman Penggawa Barat, Johor

Not only did fireman Hairul Mat Nin put out a blaze at a shop, he returned some RM30,000 in cash and valuables that he found on the premises to the owner.

The 33-year-old from the Johor Baru Fire and Rescue Department found the hoard at the two-storey shop in Jalan Tanjung, Taman Penggawa Barat.

He was among the 16 firemen who had rushed to the scene of the blaze around 4pm on Friday.

“When we arrived, the owner mentioned that there was some money hidden upstairs and asked us to salvage it if possible.

“When I entered the shop which was still ablaze, I headed upstairs and found the money in foreign and local currencies among the documents, books and furniture in the living hall,” said the father of two in an interview here yesterday.

Hairul said while it was usual for firemen to stumble on cash and valuables during the course of their work, Friday’s incident was the largest sum that he had ever found.

“The owner put his trust in me to find his valuables.

“We must return this trust by returning to the owners what is theirs.

“Although it is taxing and tough to work during the fasting month, seeing the relief and smiles on the owners is priceless,” said the father of two.

Hairul, who has been working as a fireman for 14 years, handed the find over to the department’s operations commander Khairul Azhar Abdul Aziz and together, they returned it to the 42-year-old owner, Teo Kian Yong.

“We commend Hairul’s attitude and honesty in returning the money and upholding our department’s good name.

“We hope all firemen can do the same,” said Khairul Azhar.

The shop, which sells prayer items, was charred in the fire. It took the firemen about 20 minutes to bring the flames under control.

There were also no casualties in the incident.

-The Star Online-

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