A Swedish footballer has been given a red card for breaking wind during a match with the referee deeming his actions to be a “deliberate provocation”.

Järna SK defender Adam Lindin Ljungkvist, who committed the “unsportsmanlike behaviour” during a reserve match against Pershagen SK, has expressed his outrage at receiving a second yellow in the latter stages of the fixture.

“I had a bad stomach, so I simply let go,” the 25-year-old told Swedish newspaper Länstidningen Södertälje.

“Then I received two yellow cards and then red. Yes, I was shocked, it’s the strangest thing I have ever experienced in football.

“I asked the referee, ‘What, am I not allowed to break wind a little?’ ‘No,’ he replied … I don’t get it but maybe he thought I farted in my hand and threw the fart at him. But I did not.

“To provoke anyone with a fart is not particularly smart or normal. It’s nonsense – I just broke wind and got a red card. I spoke to the referee afterwards, I was annoyed, but there were no bad words. I just said he was a buffoon.”

Referee Dany Kako, at the centre of a storm he probably never expected, explained: “I perceived it as deliberate provocation. He did it on purpose and it was inappropriate. Therefore, he received a yellow card.”

Kako, it seems, has previous when it comes to punishing such misdemeanours. He added: “Once there was a player who stood and peed next to the pitch. I showed him a yellow card, too.”

-The Independent-

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