A man’s response of “kenapa” (why) to a question “siapa” (who) resulted in his death with his head nearly severed at a plantation in Sabah’s eastern Tawau district.

The Indonesian man, known only as “Omar” was killed instantly by a stroke of a parang when a 39-year-old foreigner thought the victim was planning to steal durians at Ladang Sawit Andrassy in Kampung Ranggu at about 10pm, Wednesday.

Tawau police chief Asst Comm Fadil Marsus said Thursday that initial investigations showed that the victim, believed to in his thirties, was walking through the compound of the suspect who was alerted by the dogs barking.

As he came out of his house in the darkness, the suspect asked “siapa” and the victim just replied  “kenapa.”

Suspecting that it was an intruder in his compound to steal durians, the man picked up his parang and chopped his neck, nearly severing the victim’s head, he said.

ACP Fadil said that the suspect then took a bath and went to his employer to inform of him of the incident.

The employer then took him to the police station to lodge a police report.

He said police have arrested the suspect for investigations under murder and also seized the parang, he said, adding that suspect did not have any valid travel or identity documents.

He said the victim’s body has sent to the district hospital for post mortem.

“We believe that it was case of misunderstanding and the incident occurred in darkness,” he added.

Source –The Star Online-

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