It seems that Maxis’s troubles is still ongoing until today, as even more customers took to the social space to complain about being overcharged. The latest ‘victim’, is an emcee/host that got charged over 10 times his mobile plan, within a month!
Facebook user Henrry shared his latest Maxis bill on Facebook earlier, after having a shock seeing a RM754.40 bill despite only subscribed to a RM68 package.

However, from what we can see from his bill, the RM68 plan was no where to be seen, instead the statement said that he had 2 plans on him, a RM98 plan as well as a RM158 plan. Furthermore, his statement also added a 24 months data ‘promo’ for RM30 each month, adding a giant RM660 charge to his bill!
Henrry said on his Facebook post that he did not, even verbally – agreed to subscribe to any RM158 plan, and claimed that Maxis allegedly made all the decisions themselves. He also mentioned that he will not be paying this bill.

Could it be that someone in Maxis made a mistake and mistaken his bill for someone else? It is highly doubtful that a company like Maxis would ever resort to such tactics, but then again, this is not the first time something like this happened this month.

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