An Umno division leader has alleged that DAP’s “political revolution” driven on the split between the Malays will have negative consequences for the race in future.

If this is not curbed in a more aggressive manner, Syed Ali Alhabshee warned that it might cause the Malays to lose political power.

Should this happen, he said, DAP would decide the future of the people in this nation while the Malays would be reduced to squatters in their own land.

“When Malays lose political and economic power, Malays will continue to be left behind. In the end, what will be left?” he asked in a scathing blog posting.

Syed Ali claimed that racial and religious sentiments are employed as weapons to garner support, and at the same time, hatred towards the leadership is inculcated.

“DAP’s doctrine is a cause for major concern. It is a threat to the future of Malays.

“Their psychological warfare is trained on the Malays, especially involving Umno, which they are trying to break up through whatever means,” he claimed.

The Umno leader also criticised Malay leaders, “who in their greed for power”, are willing to become tools of DAP.
“Some among us might perceive this political revolution as trivial. This is something unfortunate, what more when some of us are willing to collaborate with that party,” he said.

He also alleged that DAP would never be satisfied with seeing the Malays united and Umno remaining strong.

Subtle manner 

Therefore, he said DAP is quick to exploit bickering between Malay leaders, especially those from Umno.

“This is sad. When there are squabbles between Malay leaders on issues which can be resolved, DAP will meddle in a subtle manner,” he added.

He claimed that DAP would continue to sow racial sentiments against Umno using baseless allegations and slander.

“Apart from this, DAP also uses other opposition parties in its attempt to capture Putrajaya in the coming general election,” he added.

In view of this, Syed Ali urged the Malays to reject the opposition’s attempt to run down leaders.

“I believe the quarrels between Malays can be avoided and solutions can be found taking into consideration the future of Malays and Muslims,” he said.

According to him, Umno is the only political organisation which can save the future of the Malays in this nation.

Realising this, he claimed that DAP is working hard to engineer the downfall of Umno because as long as Umno exists, it is difficult to create discord among the Malays.

“This is the reason why when certain Malay leaders are happy to join hands with DAP supposedly on a common agenda; it is viewed as a betrayal of one’s own race,” he added.

DAP has repeatedly denied the accusation that it intends to strip Malays of their political power, and accused Umno leaders of using this to demonise the predominantly-Chinese party.


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