Uber Malaysia now has several thousands of driver-partners and aims to have at least 100,000 driver-partners in 2017.

PETALING JAYA: Uber Malaysia taxis could well be legalised and regulated in Malaysia soon.

Its country manager, Leon Foong, indicated that talks with the Transport Minister over the issue had been promising so far.

“We are optimistic that Uber would eventually be regulated,” he told newsmen during a Uber event in George Town today.

Since its inception in Kuala Lumpur in January 2014, Uber Malaysia has expanded its service to Johor Baru, Penang and Ipoh last month.

However, regulated taxi drivers have been hostile to Uber, claiming that the illegal cab service had contributed to drop in their incomes.

“But whether regulated or not, we are here to stay. Our business has grown by four to six times in every city that we operate,” said Foong.

He claimed that Uber Malaysia now had several thousands of driver-partners while hundreds of thousands of commuters had used the service for the past two years.

Uber Malaysia aims to have at least 100,000 driver-partners in 2017.

Uber is operating its service in 400 cities in 70 countries, with some 1.5 million driver-partners and millions of regular commuters.

Last month, Uber Malaysia cut down its driver-partners’ share of fare from 80% previously to 75%.

But the policy would only affect new driver-partners as old driver-partners will continue to enjoy the 80% fare share.

Some 83% of households in Malaysia have at least a private car, and Foong said most cars were being underutilised.

“Most people will drive to work, park their cars for hours before returning home.

“It’s so much wastage of resources, especially money. Uber offers a cheaper and alternate public transport,” said Foong.


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