Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s decision to give reporters a tour of his home today did little to convince federal minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan that the bungalow is not part of a corruption scandal.

“Showing your house to reports doesn’t mean the scandal is suddenly justifiable. It’s just a gimmick,” he said on Twitter.

Abdul Rahman said the “gimmick” is similar to the Penang government’s asset declaration which happens every five years.

The urban well-being, housing and local government minister said this is because officials can easily park their assets under proxies.

This prompted a Twitter reply from Lim, who challenged Abdul Rahman to declare his assets.

“What's the point of declaring asset publicly once every five years, and then buying a house way below market price?” the minister countered.

Lim today gave a tour to media amid accusations from Umno that the RM2.8 million price tag on the Jalan Pinghorn, Georgetown bungalow is below market price.

Umno claimed the discount is part of kickback for a separate deal, but Lim denies this.

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating the claim.


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