Former law minister sets March 27 for a gathering of the people so all can declare in unison that the PM, AG and IGP must resign immediately.

PETALING JAYA: Despite being charged under the MCMC Act for a previous blog posting rallying the people to stand behind Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Zaid Ibrahim has made the call once again in his latest bid to rid the country of Prime Minister Najib Razak and his “yes-men.”

In his latest blog posting, the former law minister called on all those who felt the same to meet on Sunday, March 27 to declare with one voice that Najib, the Inspector-General of Police and the Attorney-General should resign.

With the venue to be disclosed at a later date, Zaid explained the intention of the gathering, saying, “We must declare our wish and desire to rid the country of leaders who are corrupt, including those civil servants who have helped cover up any misdeeds.

“Let this gathering be our message to Najib and his friends that we will not abandon the country, and that we will not let corruption and those who abuse their power to rule any longer.”

He accused Najib of dismantling public institutions by appointing only ministers and top civil servants who were willing to close their eyes to his misdeeds because they believed he would not last long. He added however that by agreeing to play along, these people were “doing great damage to the country.”

“The cover-up of the grand theft that has taken place under Najib must be exposed, and we must collectively show Najib that we are not afraid of him,” he said, noting the AG’s wish to impose more serious sentences under the Official Secrets Act.

“We need to tell them that we are not afraid of them. We must show them that we are prepared to make our sacrifices to keep this country clean and honourable.”

He also said that the “favourite response” from Najib’s supporters that he and former premier Mahathir were alike, was untrue as both leaders were “miles apart.”

“Dr Mahathir never stole Government money,” Zaid said, adding that in contrast, Najib was mired in “all sorts of financial scandals” such as the submarine purchase, 1Malaysia Development Berhad and “donations.”

He also said Mahathir and his wife led a “simple and almost austere” life unlike Najib and Rosmah, who were “supremely wealthy” with lifestyles equal to those of “kings and queens.”

“So I say this again: let’s rally behind Dr Mahathir. For too long we have been paralysed by the fear that Najib has imposed on the public.”


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