Former law minister corrects many on their misconception about the March 27 gathering and says it is not to be a street protest like Bersih was.

PETALING JAYA: Despite an earlier blog entry where he politely clarified to the Inspector-General of Police that the March 27 gathering he was calling for is neither a street protest nor a public rally, many of Zaid Ibrahim’s readers are still under the impression that it will mirror the public rallies of Bersih in years past.

Taking to Twitter to clarify the nature of the gathering once again, the former law minister, an outspoken critic of Prime Minister Najib Razak and other government officials and agencies, said, “I see many readers still talking about a rally on the 27th March. Its a gathering of leaders in a closed door setting.”

He added, “I never said it will be a street protest; or a public rally. I’m not Bersih.”

In a blog entry just yesterday, Zaid clarified that March 27 is to be a peaceful coming together of citizens concerned that the police have abandoned the rule of law and that the prime minister was above the law.

“27 March will be a peaceful gathering of citizens who want those who abuse the law to be punished and who want those who harbour these criminals to be made accountable and responsible.”

He also told the IGP that instead of warning him against holding the gathering, the IGP should instead come clean about whether he did indeed investigate all the reports lodged against Najib regarding the RM2.6 billion donation he personally received in 2013 and the controversies surrounding 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

He added, “We the people have our constitutional right to gather peacefully and express our views about Najib, just like Najib fans have the right to praise him.”

He also said that he hoped the March 27 gathering would help achieve “unity” across the nation. “Unity will ensure we have a new system of government after the next election where laws are observed, where corrupt leaders cannot escape punishment, and where civil servants would not dare harbour criminals.”


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