Perpertrator ignores repeated pleas by victim to stop and mercilessly whips and kicks the foreigner for allegedly stealing his money.

PETALING JAYA: Yet another video of a foreigner being mercilessly beaten up by a local has gone viral on social media.

This time, the victim is alleged to have stolen cash belonging to his employer.

The two-minute clip, posted on the “Friends of Barisan Nasional” Facebook page recently, shows a man, believed to be the victim’s employer, repeatedly whipping and kicking the latter as he begs for mercy, crouching on the floor and screaming in agony as the whip lashes his legs, hands, neck and back.

The beating goes on and is recorded on video in a room despite the victim’s repeated pleas for his employer to stop.

The shouts of both the employer and the victim in the video are barely audible but it does seem that the perpetrator is upset that his cash had gone missing, which he accused the suspect of stealing.

Uploaded on Sunday, the video has thus far garnered over 78,000 views and more than 1,500 shares.

Netizens unanimously condemned the cruel act in the video, while others called for the police to act against the culprit.

Instances of foreigners being beaten up by locals for various reasons including allegations of molest and rape, have become common of late. It all started with the case of blogger Papagomo punching, slapping and kicking a Bangladeshi worker for allegedly harassing “his sister” earlier this month.


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