Program to legitimise illegal foreign workers in the country, which kicks of today, will see employers having to fork out between RM1,400 and almost RM3,500, plus immigration fines, and work permits, ...

PETALING JAYA: It now costs employers RM1,200 to rehire an illegal foreign worker via online registration, The Star Online reported today.

According to Immigration Department director-general Sakib Kusmi, RM800 of the amount goes towards registration while the remaining RM400 was for administrative fees.

However, that total amount doesn’t include other costs such as fines for immigration offences, processing fee, levy, visa and foreign work permits – which would eventually hike the amount employers have to pay for each worker to between RM1,395 and RM3,485.

“These charges are not imposed by the Immigration Department but set by vendors that had been selected,” he was quoted.

Two selected firms will handle applications for workers from Indonesia and Myanmar respectively, while a consortium of three companies will manage applications from other countries.

The government recently announced new levy rates – RM1,500 in the plantation and agriculture sectors, and RM2,500 in manufacturing.

The programme of rehiring foreign workers starts today and will go on until December 31 this year. One of the program’s main criteria is that the workers must have originally entered the country legally, have an employer and does not have a criminal record.

Those found to be not qualified would be deported.


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