KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 — The Kuala Lumpur bound flight cancellation that left hundreds stranded in Langkawi yesterday was caused by a shattered windshield in the cockpit of the Boeing 737, Rayani Air said today.

Malaysia’s first ever “shariah-compliant” carrier said in a statement issued this evening the windshield was found broken after yesterday’s night stop flight, adding that it was investigating the matter including for possible sabotage.

“On behalf of Rayani Air we apologise for the flight cancellation from Langkawi today. This is not due to some technical error or event. Our windshield in the cockpit was found to be shattered after yesterday’s night stop flight.

“We are investigating this incident whether it is an act of sabotage or not. We will liaise with relevant authorities to deal with this,” the statement read.

Yesterday Bernama reported that more than 200 passengers were left stranded at the Langkawi International Airport after a Boeing 737 aircraft of Rayani Air developed technical problems.

Flight RN180 scheduled for the Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (klia2) at 11.10am was not allowed to depart due to the technical problems.

The carrier said today it is doing its best to ensure passengers stranded get home “safe and sound”.

“In the interim we are trying all we could to make all our passengers who are stranded to leave Langkawi safe and sound,” said the company.

It has offered reimbursement for air tickets to its passengers.

-The Malaymail Online-

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