Lim Guan Eng says drastic rise in dengue is "worrisome" and wants all Penangites to take steps to keep their surroundings clean and eliminate potential Aedes breeding grounds.

PETALING JAYA: Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has cautioned the people about the importance of keeping their surroundings clean as the dengue menace continued to be a threat and had claimed the lives of eight people in the first five weeks of 2016 alone.

According to reports, this was an alarming 400 per cent leap from only two deaths reported in the same period last year.

So far this year, Penang recorded 5,830 dengue cases, which was 92.2 per cent or 2,796 cases more than the 3,034 cases reported in the corresponding period last year.

“This is important as the drastic rise in dengue is very worrisome,” Lim told newsmen, adding that the people must be wary of their environment and regularly check their homes to wipe out potential Aedes breeding grounds.

He also said the people must seek medical treatment immediately if they fell sick.

Taman Lembah Hijau and Tingkat Paya Terubong on the island, as well as Permatang Tinggi in the mainland have been identified as dengue hotspots.

Lim said that in the meantime, health authorities were doing everything they could to flush out Aedes and dengue in Penang.

Source from Free Malaysia Today

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