KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 6 — Good news for Kiwi newsreader Hilary Barry — Her employers over at New Zealand’s Newshub have said they will not fire her for exploding into a fit of giggles when presenting a report about a Malaysian diplomat’s indiscriminate defecation episode.

“No Hilary, you haven’t lost your job — you’ll be back tonight for Newshub Live at 6pm!” Newshub wrote good-naturedly on Facebook.

The message, posted as a caption to a video of Barry’s gaffe on the Paul Henry Show on Thursday, earned thousands of “Likes”, with the newsreader’s fans calling her “awesome” and even thanking her for making their day.

On her own page the same day, Barry confirmed with followers that she still has her job.

“Pleased to report I haven’t been fired yet,” she wrote, adding a smiling emoticon to the post.

Barry made international headlines Thursday when she failed to maintain her composure on national television over the pre-recorded new report about former Malaysian attaché Mohammad Rizalman Ismail’s sexual assault case in New Zealand.

The experienced newsreader burst into a giggling fit when journalist Emily Cooper in the report said: “Mohammad Rizalman once had an untainted two decade-long career in the Malaysian military; today he’ll be sentenced for indecent assault. In November he admitted following then-21-year-old Tanya Billingsley home.

“He said he’d had an ‘emergency defecation situation’ and needed to use her bathroom, but the judge in the case found he had a sexual motive”.

According to previous news reports, Mohammad Rizalman had admitted to defecating outside the woman’s doorstep although he claimed that it was because he simply had to relieve himself.

Barry laughed at the words “emergency defecation situation”, and later, shaking with mirth, said in between giggles that “I think I’m having one myself”.

She continued laughing even when reading the next news item, which was an unfortunate story of a man who died after he was sucked out of a plane in Somalia.

Barry, although clearly embarrassed by her lack of decorum, could only pause long enough to say that, “I’m not laughing at this.”

Later, still rubbing tears from her eyes, she quipped in a sing-song voice, saying: “Today could be the day I lose my job. Still… I’d get to lie in.”

According to Thursday reports, Mohammad Rizalman was sentenced to nine months’ home detention for the offence of indecently assaulting Billingsley at her home in May 2014.

Source from TheMalaymailOnline

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