KOTA KINABALU: Stressed out about Valentine’s Day and what gifts to buy?

Worry no more - just listen to this song My BankAccount by local artiste and deejay Yu Tian Long in his three-minute video clip.

The clip has garnered more than 4.6 million views with 108, 000 likes since it was uploaded four days ago.

This Valentine’s Day song is based on the original version by Singapore singer songwriter JJ Lin.

Yu tells The Star that he understands what some people may be going through, especially those who have no money to spend for Valentine’s Day.

Yu said he came up with the video clip because he and his friends were always stressed out when Valentine’s Day approaches.

“We men have to think of ways to surprise our girlfriends or wives and each year, we have to think of something different or else,” he said jokingly.

He said it would be nice for a change if women thought of ways to surprise their other halves instead.

“Men also love surprises and want to feel appreciated,” Yu said.

“So I wanted to send a message to all the lovebirds out there, especially to the ladies that men’s love towards them cannot be measured just by looking at what they planned for Valentine’s Day,” he explained.

Yu said he did not expect the video clip to be a hit in such a short period of time but was glad it did, and hopes his message got through.

“The original singer of the song JJ, apparently had also seen and heard this song and told a friend of mine, that this is a fun and nice clip,” Yu said, adding he was flattered by the compliment.

Yu said he spent less than a day coming up with the lyrics and just couple of hours discussing about the dance moves with his friends.

The video clip was taken at a popular eatery not far from the state capital here.

It starts with a woman complaining to her boyfriend that he has changed and was not as romantic as before where he used to shower her with gifts and surprises on Valentine’s Day.

The video ends with her crying behind a pillar away from the man after breaking up with him.

The lyrics among others touch about his drying bank account and the increasing cost of living.

It also incorporates a message at the end of the song telling people that Valentine’s Day is just a day in a year, and should not be used to measure a man’s love for a woman.

-TheStar Online-

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