Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia says the embassy has clarified that Mukhriz Mahathir was not sacked but stepped down.

JAKARTA: The Malaysian Embassy in Indonesia has expressed regret over local media reports about the resignation of former Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir, which were found to be inaccurate and confusing.

Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia Zahrain Mohamed Hashim said the local newspapers were found to have reported the event as if the Menteri Besar was sacked by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak.

As such, he said the embassy would like to clarify that Mukhriz was not sacked, but instead had to step down as he had lost the majority support in the Kedah Legislative Assembly.

“Most newspapers in Indonesia reported the event as “Putera Mahathir di depak”, a statement which meant the son of former Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad had been sacked, while we know very well that in Malaysia’s administration system, a Menteri Besar or Chief Minister will have to step down if he loses the majority support in the state legislative assembly,” he told Bernama here on Sunday.

Zahrain said the inaccurate news reports were probably due to local reporters’ lack of understanding of state and federal administration systems in Malaysia and that they should have done their homework before writing about political issues in other countries.

Zahrain said a Menteri Besar’s resigning was not new in Malaysia because, before Mukhriz, several Kedah Menteris Besar had also resigned or stepped down after losing majority support in the State Legislative Assembly.

He said the appointment process for a Menteri Besar in Malaysia also differed greatly from the appointments of President, Governors or Mayors in Indonesia as the candidate for the Menteri Besar’s post was selected from among elected representatives and appointed to the post with the support of the Prime Minister and consent from the state’s ruler.

“For the post of President or Governor in Indonesia, no one can ask the incumbent to resign as he was elected directly by the people through an election process, but in Malaysia, a Menteri Besar was not elected by the people as there was no election for the post,” he added.

Source from FMT NEWS

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