PETALING JAYA: New Zealand newsreader Hilary Barry got a serious case of the giggles yesterday as she reported on the case of Malaysian diplomat Mohammed Rizalman Ismail having an “emergency defecation situation” that led him to relieve himself on the porch of a young woman in Wellington.

According to an article about the laughing newsreader on 9News, Barry cracked-up right after presenting the story on the morning edition of the Paul Henry breakfast show.

Right after the news report, and after a short pause, Barry still struggled to move on to the next news item and despite trying to stifle the first giggles, burst our laughing, exclaiming, “An emergency defecation situation!” a remark that sent two others in the studio with her, laughing hysterically as well.

Unable to contain herself, and wiping tears from her eyes, Barry exclaimed, “I think I’m having one myself,” in reference to the emergency defecation when asked to carry on with the next news item.

“Because the next story is so tragic, I cannot be laughing…”, she said, before trying her best to compose herself as she reported of a man who was killed after being sucked out of a plane.

However despite the tragedy, Barry could be heard breaking into fits of laughter during the newsreel and when the camera was on her, said, “Today could be the day I lose my job. Still, I’d get to lie in.”

Source from FMT news

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