KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 ― The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) said today it will investigate a fake notice bearing its letterhead and a sketch of Datuk Seri Najib Razak in clown make-up that warned the public against spreading doctored images of the country’s leaders.

MCMC strategic communications director Sheikh Raffie Abd Rahman told The Star Online that the notice was “100 per cent fake” as the agency never issued such a warning.

“We never released such advisories. Especially in such a manner,” he was quoted telling the news portal.

According to The Star Online, the notice has been making its rounds on social media since Saturday.

It was also posted on the Facebook page of activist Fahmi Reza yesterday.

“The public is warned against spreading pictures of the country’s leaders that have been edited like the clown image above on social media sites including the ‘WhatsApp’ application.

“It is an offence to share or spread such content as it violates the country’s laws, specifically Section 233 of the MCMC Act 1988.

“If found guilty, the punishment is a fine of no more than RM50,000 and/or a maximum one year jail term,” the notice read.

The same clown image of Najib had earned Fahmi a warning from the Police Cyber Crime Investigation Response Centre (PCIRC) last month on Twitter.

The warning from PCIRC told Fahmi to use Twitter responsibly, also adding that his account would be put under police surveillance.

Since then, however, local graphic artists have lashed out at the authorities and started a mass online campaign to spread more doctored images of the prime minister.

Source from The Malaymail Online

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