The human rights activist has been called to assist police investigations into the now viral #kitasemuapenghasut social media campaign.

KUALA LUMPUR: Human rights activist and artist Fahmi Reza is currently being investigated for his #kitasemuapenghasut social media campaign and has been summoned by the police to give them an explanation on the matter.

“I am currently being investigated by the police under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 and Section 504 of the Penal Code,” said Fahmi in a Facebook post today.

“Now I have been called by the police to give them a statement to assist their investigations of the clown poster.”

The “clown poster” in question refers to his now massively trending satirical sketch of Prime Minister Najib Razak in clown makeup emblazoned with the words “Kita Semua Penghasut” (We are all seditious).

Fahmi first received a warning from the police via Twitter after his post on January 31, and was told that his Twitter account was under police supervision.

The next day, pro-Umno blogger Ali Tinju lodged a police report against the activist for the clown poster, which Ali Tinju called “a seditious insult to the PM which could arouse the rakyat’s anger.”

“Now I face one of two possibilities,” said Fahmi.

“The first is that the police will do nothing, and allow me to go home. Or they could arrest me after I give my statement under the two accusations above. What will the police do? I don’t know.”

He said he was prepared to continue fighting for the people’s rights and freedom to criticise “corrupt rulers”, and that he was not afraid to face whatever action taken against him.

“I know that all of you will not allow me to fight alone, because in a nation full of corruption, we are all seditious,” he said. “F**k fear, let’s dance.”


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