Police take action on Ali Tinju's report for alleged incitement of "terrorist act."

KUALA LUMPUR: An engineer has been placed in custody for five days for investigations into a Facebook posting last week which contained a threat to blow up the Prime Minister Najib Razak’s residence.

Police said the man, aged 28, was arrested at his home in Parit Buntar, Perak, on Friday and is being held until Wednesday under Section 130G of the Penal Code for inciting or promoting “the commission of terrorist acts.”

Police confiscated items which were used at the time to upload the posting, according to a police statement.

He was reported to have threatened to “shake Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian Prime Minister’s residence with a bomb explosion” and blamed Najib for causing hardship to the rakyat.

A police report against him was lodged by Malay rights activist Ali Tinju.

The posting had reportedly obtained fewer than 10 likes, but police said it was viewed as a threat.


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