Nur Jazlan describes issuance of travel advisory by Australia and the United Kingdom a delayed reaction to the Jakarta bombings.

KUALA LUMPUR: The travel advisory issued by Australia and the United Kingdom was not needed as the country is safe, the Home Ministry insisted.

Describing the advisory as “unnecessary” and a “delayed reaction” to the Jakarta bombings, Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed said he did not understand why it was issued in the first place.

The government, he added, knew the country’s security situation better.

“The travel advisory was unnecessary because we have taken all the necessary precautions. It is not helping,” said Nur Jazlan at the Pavillion KL shopping complex here today.

Nur Jazlan also said that the travel advisory would only have been timely if it had been issued immediately after the Jakarta bombings last month, as it would have been viewed as a “logical conclusion” for Kuala Lumpur to be identified as the next possible target for terror attacks.

Meanwhile, Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar expressed his disappointment over the matter.

“I think they issued this unilaterally. They did not consult us.

“In the spirit of togetherness, if we have any information, we would share with them.

“I strongly call upon Australia, if they have something, to share it with us.”

Khalid said every country, including Malaysia, would have its own concerns but it did not warrant the issuance of a travel advisory.

The men in blue, he added, had increased security measures following the Jakarta bombings in January.

Reuters on Sunday reported that Australia had released a travel advisory on Malaysia, fearing another terrorist incident after Jakarta and Bangkok were hit earlier.

The United Kingdom also specifically raised the terror threat level for East Malaysian resorts last week.

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office had advised against all travel to the Sabah eastern islands, raising the threat level from “general” to “high.”


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