'Group has the right to protest but were disrespectful to the people at public festive event'.

GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, upset at the demonstrators who staged a protest during his Chinese New Year open house on Monday, has labelled them as extremists lacking respect for public festive events.

Lim suggested that the protest was politically motivated, as he could not recall any similar demonstrations being held at other festive open houses, including those organised by Barisan Nasional and its component parties.

“The demonstrators were disrespectful to the people, who attended the festive open house,” said Lim, who is DAP secretary-general.

The 30-minute protest at noon was staged by some 30 members of the Penang Facebook Association outside the venue for the open house, at Pisa in Relau. The protest was over an allegation that the DAP had received RM1.2 billion in campaign funding from Israel in 2013.

Lim claimed that the 15,000 guests at the open house were dismayed by the protest.

He noted that the group had the right to hold a protest to air their disapproval, but insisted that it should not have been held during a festive event.

The allegation was first raised by Mohamed Razali Abd Rahman, who claimed he was once a special officer to Lim, and was widely shared online early this year, prompting critics and observers to call on the DAP to come clean on the issue.

It was alleged that Lim himself had met an Israeli leader several times in Singapore to arrange for the funds.

However, Lim has previously said that Mohamed Razali had never been his special officer.

He expressed surprise that a demonstration was held based merely on rumours circulated on social media. “There is no proof, but these people demonstrated based on the rumours, he said. “I would have been jailed by now if the slander was true. I believe the protest was politically motivated,” said Lim.

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