PM's wife criticises those who spread falsehoods, slander and instigations to disrupt national peace.

MALACCA: The Prime Minister’s wife Rosmah Mansor has urged girls and young women to be smart users of the Internet and to screen and check information that they obtain online.

She expressed disappointment with those who use the Internet to spread falsehoods, slander and instigations to disrupt national peace.

She said they were not making good use of the Internet but viewed it as a platform to condemn those they hated, whether these were public leaders, public figures, members of the corporate sector and individuals.

Speaking at a Girl Guides’ world memorial day celebrations, she advised members of the Girl Guides’ movement to be smart Internet users.

Young people, especially girls, should be careful and protect themselves when communicating with unknown people on the Internet, she said. “Do not divulge any secret and personal information to people you don’t know on the Internet to avoid untoward incidents taking place.”

She urged them to screen and check information obtained to determine if they are authentic or slanderous”, Bernama reported.

Rosmah’s comments came a day after her husband, Najib Razak, had criticised keyboard warriors, cybertroopers and news portals for creating their own version of “reality” with click bait headlines that served their own agendas. It was up to netizens to practise moderation and “not fall prey to misconstrued agendas by irresponsible users, he said. “Internet users must be able to differentiate truths, half-truths, lies and opinions before forming their own judgment.”

A day earlier, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission had blocked access to The Malaysian Insider following complaints over its content.


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