PETALING JAYA: Former VIP bodyguard Sirul Azhar Umar, convicted of killing Altantuya Shaariibuu, is reported to have said that “prime minister Najib Razak was never involved and had no links to the case”.

His declaration, in which he explicitly named the prime minister, was said to have been made in a third video recording seen by Malaysiakini.

Last week, he was reported to have denied that Altantuya was pregnant when she was shot and her body blown up with explosives in 2006.

Altantuya, a young Mongolian woman said to have been a translater, was reported to have been romantically involved with Abdul Razak Baginda, a Najib associate, while he was negotiating the government’s purchase of two Scorpene submarines.

The new video is the third to have been shown to Malaysiakini, which reported that Sirul had “sworn in God’s name” that Najib was neither involved nor linked to the murder.

“I understand that it is the intention of certain quarters with vested interests to topple a certain someone. (But) I was never taught to slander a person. It is a big sin if I were to slander a person and I state here… in God’s name… the most honourable Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak was never involved and had no links to the case,” he was quoted as saying.

Najib’s name has been mentioned in various online reports in connection with Altantuya and Razak Baginda. He has maintained that he had never met the woman.

Sirul did not specifically mention the Altantuya case in the latest video, but his previous videos have been about the murder.

On Thursday, a French court indicted the former president of an arms company of “active bribery of foreign public officials” by paying commissions to Razak Baginda.

Besides the Altantuya case, the political opposition has questioned Najib’s role in a RM2.6 billion deposit made to his personal banking accounts in 2013 and various transactions and investments by the government investment arm 1Malaysia Development Bhd leading to its accumulated debts of RM42 billion.

Yesterday, the Swiss Attorney-General’s office said it was seeking Malaysian assistance in its investigations of a possible US$4 billion embezzlement from “various Malaysian state companies” and involving former officials. The statement implicated 1MDB, Genting, Tanjung, SRC International and PetroSaudi International.

Sirul, a former police commando, and his partner Azilah Hadri, were convicted and sentenced to death for the murder when the Federal Court overturned their acquittal by a High Court.

He fled to Australia where he is being held in an immigration detention centre. Azilah is prison on death row.

Source from FMT NEWS

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