ALOR SETAR: Actions taken by party opponents to Kedah menteri besar Mukhriz Mahathir have resulted in royal displeasure at the disruption of state administration, according to Mukhriz today.

He said that he had received word that the Sultan of Kedah and the Regency Council had taken offence at the absence of executive councillors at an Exco meeting on Wednesday, after a group of Kedah Umno leaders began moves to oust him.

He said the Sultan was annoyed with the state Executive Council and 14 Umno divisional leaders for disrupting state administration.

Earlier today a press report said that all 21 Barisan Nasional members of the state assembly were being called up individually by the Regency Council tomorrow for interviews about the state’s political leadership.

Last week, a scheduled meeting of the Exco, chaired by Mukhriz, was called off because of the absence of most councillors.

Mukhriz said their actions were “irresponsible”.

The six Exco members absent on Wednesday, as well as 14 Umno division chiefs who declared a loss of faith in the menteri besar to apologise to the Sultan.

The Sultan of Kedah, Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah, has been away in Kuala Lumpur while serving as Yang di-Pertuan Agong. His state duties are being managed by the Regency Council comprising his two younger brothers and his daughter.

Mukhriz said it was regrettable that six of the nine state executive council members, who had taken an oath of loyalty to the Ruler when appointed, had been absent from the Exco meeting last week.

“This is clearly breaching the rules of appointment as state administrators and at odds with their oath to the Ruler as stated in the Kedah state constitution,” he said.

Mukhriz said he needs all the executive councillors were required to perform their functions as usual until the leadership problem was over.

Their refusal to attend an Exco meeting will jeopardise the administration of the state,” he said.

Since the revolt by Kedah Umno leaders, Umno president Najib Razak has had an audience with the Regency Council, and the Umno Supreme Council held a meeting on Friday, to which Mukhriz was not invited although he showed up and was told he was not welcome to stay.

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