The management of Me’nate Steak Hub has denied any links to the purported steak dinner served at Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s official residence that costed nearly RM20,000 for a 2kg slice of Matsusaka Wagyu beef.

In a posting on its official Facebook page, the management of Me’nate said that it is currently seeking advice on whether to pursue legal actions against the parties that had spread the false rumour.
“Based on our checks, the price tag (for the steak) is fake and not found in our inventory system.

“The price tag and accompanying note is not the same as the standard ones used by Me’nate Steak Hub at all of our outlets. Furthermore, all our price tags are individually barcoded and different than the one that had gone viral,” it said.

In a blog post that had gone viral last week, it was alleged that Najib and his wife, Rosmah Mansor, had been served a 2kg slice of Matsusaka Wagyu beef - costing RM19,284.80 - for dinner.

It further alleged that the details were revealed by a chef who had been in charge of serving the dinner, accompanied by the purported receipt from Me’nate.

Commenting on the photograph of Najib and Rosmah at the supposed dinner, Me’nate in its post said the dishes served “does not make sense”.

“If they were eating steak and Matsusaka (at that), how can there be rice and other side dishes?
“The photo of the chef is also not a chef from Me’nate,” it added.

In urging all parties to stop dragging its name into politics and slander, Me’nate’s management stressed that it would not hesitate to lodge a police report and pursue further actions if the rumours continued.
On its original site, the blog post has been shared over 14,000 times on Facebook.

Many netizens who shared the posting had grilled Najib for supposedly enjoying a lavish meal at a time when the ordinary rakyat were feeling the pinch from rising costs of living.

Source from MalaysiaKini

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